Week 21 Wrap-Up

Plus, you know, all those other weeks in between.

Joel, Sisu, myself, and little bebe-to-be are all doing well. I’ve not been keeping up with these posts because it seems we’ve been sick a long time. We became sick sometime around Christmas and we’ve been kindly passing it around as each of us gets healthy again. On top of the constant cold passing I’ve also had a UTI, which was probably lingering for some time before it became apparent. I’ve only recently had symptoms clearly pointing to a UTI. The midwives have linked the pain in my right side and some fluid retention in my right kidney to the UTI, and I’m hoping that with the UTI clearing up the pain won’t return.

I’m getting to the point in my pregnancy where wearing the support belt is going to be helpful. I’ve worn it a couple of times, but with all the pressure on my bladder it was counter-productive. I can’t wait to actually feel “better” from this wretched UTI.

I’ve been continuing to carry Sisu around on my back via our Ergobaby Carrier while pregnant and it’s kind of nice because it evens me out a bit when she’s on my back. If you or yours are expecting a baby and you’re looking for a good carrier which is going to hold up over time and wear, I highly suggest the Ergobaby. We started using ours when Sisu was around 6 months and it’s kept us free and clear of strollers with a happy kid along for the ride. I still plan on using my homemade moby-wrap for when baby number two is a newborn. Ergobaby has an infant insert, but I really love how my homemade moby is nice and snuggly.

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For Those About to Pop, We Salute You.

There are tons of blogs with long lists of things for women to do before baby arrives. This is one such list.

I read a lot of these lists pre-baby and really benefited from their suggestions. I wanted to compile not only the advice I followed and liked, but also advice I wish I’d followed. I came up with a LOT of advice, so I’ve categorized it for you. Without further ado:

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19 in. 7lbs 10oz. Sometime around 7am. Hey cut me some slack, I was in a haze.

As soon as Sisu was whisked away to the measuring table in the corner I encouraged Joel to follow her. I don’t know why I was so intent on him following her. Call it instinct, but I wanted her watched like a hawk. I looked to my left and found the mystery woman had moved to the corner and was looking over the shoulders of the medical personnel administering tests. I suddenly realized she was from the NICU and ensuring that my baby didn’t have any complications. She never jumped into action, thank God.  I vaguely remember being told that a few different tests went well, but honestly those results just wash over you unless they’re bad news.

Joel was invited to hold Sisu. He came back with her, bundled in a blanket with her eyes wide open. Big grey baby eyes, barely conscious, but with such a strong spark of life in her. She looked just like Joel.

After I was done being sewn up, glued up, and wiped down we were told we would be transferred back to our labor room for about an hour before being transferred to the maternal care unit. Nurses gathered round and heaved me onto the gurney with a sheet. Joel followed with Sisu in arms. Continue reading



Except. You know. When you go into labor shortly after they arrive.

On August 13th I had minor cramps, referred to as Braxton-Hicks contractions, which I began to notice around 6pm. They were annoying and uncomfortable, but otherwise without need for mention. Joel and I went to Costco to get some last minute things before our scheduled c-section on the 15th. We wanted to have some simple quick foods to cook after arriving home in non-perishable form. And I wanted to get out and get some air. I had no idea I was starting labor. Continue reading

Coming soon!

I had a baby! Although I don’t plan on posting public photos of my child on this blog, I do hope to circulate a single snap shot in a slightly more controlled environment on Facebook. I’m working on writing a blog (or a few) about my personal labor and delivery process, but it’ll take some concentration and time which is harder to come by these days.

Know that mom and baby are well and that you’ll have more to read from me soon.

I’ll continue writing this blog as I learn about parenting. Plus my husband, Joel, keeps poking my (deflated) belly asking, “do you want another one? Huh? Do ya? Do ya?” so who knows where we’ll be in a year. Personally, I plan on waiting until my cracked rib is healed, at least.

Week 29 Wrap-Up

I didn’t take many notes on week 29, thus the short post. Short term memory deteriorates as pregnancy progresses, so it’s good to get into a habit of writing things down. That way, when you can’t remember a conversation you had an hour ago, you will have been in the habit of notating the important stuff. I personally categorize these things under two phone apps, a to-do list and a shopping list. At work I leave myself notes because I’m not allowed to have my phone on me. Find a practical reminder system early on so you’re not forgetting to pay your bills by month nine. Continue reading