Week 8 Wrap-up

Well, here we are again. There isn’t much to tell so early on. I’m guessing baby was conceived around week 3, and during week 4, 5, and 6 I had bursts of energy quite regularly. At the start of week 7 I started feeling usual first trimester symptoms. I have increased migraines during weather changes, I am frequently nauseated, and I would love nothing more than to hibernate for days on end. Continue reading


For Those About to Pop, We Salute You.

There are tons of blogs with long lists of things for women to do before baby arrives. This is one such list.

I read a lot of these lists pre-baby and really benefited from their suggestions. I wanted to compile not only the advice I followed and liked, but also advice I wish I’d followed. I came up with a LOT of advice, so I’ve categorized it for you. Without further ado:

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I’d like to reiterate how freaking spectacular it was to have my best friend Amy helping me recover.

I’m sorry if you don’t get this.

I was surprised at how quickly I recovered from my c-section and I believe I owe much of that to Amy’s help. If you need a c-section the biggest advice I can give you is get a caretaker to help you for at least the first two weeks, even if they can only be there during the day. Having a helping hand allowed me to easily abide by my weight restriction, driving restriction, and have a sounding board for all of the bizarre things I was feeling and experiencing. It also gave me time to rest when I was feeling exhausted and all of this made our transition into family life smooth and without much added stress to myself or my husband, Joel.  Continue reading


19 in. 7lbs 10oz. Sometime around 7am. Hey cut me some slack, I was in a haze.

As soon as Sisu was whisked away to the measuring table in the corner I encouraged Joel to follow her. I don’t know why I was so intent on him following her. Call it instinct, but I wanted her watched like a hawk. I looked to my left and found the mystery woman had moved to the corner and was looking over the shoulders of the medical personnel administering tests. I suddenly realized she was from the NICU and ensuring that my baby didn’t have any complications. She never jumped into action, thank God.  I vaguely remember being told that a few different tests went well, but honestly those results just wash over you unless they’re bad news.

Joel was invited to hold Sisu. He came back with her, bundled in a blanket with her eyes wide open. Big grey baby eyes, barely conscious, but with such a strong spark of life in her. She looked just like Joel.

After I was done being sewn up, glued up, and wiped down we were told we would be transferred back to our labor room for about an hour before being transferred to the maternal care unit. Nurses gathered round and heaved me onto the gurney with a sheet. Joel followed with Sisu in arms. Continue reading



Except. You know. When you go into labor shortly after they arrive.

On August 13th I had minor cramps, referred to as Braxton-Hicks contractions, which I began to notice around 6pm. They were annoying and uncomfortable, but otherwise without need for mention. Joel and I went to Costco to get some last minute things before our scheduled c-section on the 15th. We wanted to have some simple quick foods to cook after arriving home in non-perishable form. And I wanted to get out and get some air. I had no idea I was starting labor. Continue reading