Week 22 Wrap-Up

I’ve got some updating to do after last week. That UTI? Not a UTI. Thanks, Collins.

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Late on the Wrap-Up

This past week has been very busy, hence the delay in a weekly wrap up post. My husband sustained an unfortunate back injury which led to an ER trip, followup doctor appointments and we’ll soon begin a vigorous physical therapy schedule to get him up and running efficiently. I’ll update on all these things Wednesday in a combined week 10&11 wrap-up, but this is your filler post to know that I’m not dead yet.

To keep your proverbial mouth watering, I’ve got some back-burner posts I hope to publish soon. Book reviews, product recommendations, and reflections on toddler-hood. I’m also going to analyze the ultrasound pictures of both Sisu and baby-to-be to see if that placenta-side-of-the-uterus thing has any bearing. Still keeping fingers crossed for a boy. We’re not really sure what we’d name a girl.


*tugs collar awkwardly*


Week 9 Wrap-Up

Mostly Uneventful. Well, pregnancy is always eventful, but usually from the inside out. I did want to cover a few things I forgot to detail in the last post. “Why didn’t you cover those things in the last post,” you ask? I’ll tell you. I don’t know.

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Russian Roulette

I have a few posts to wrap up in the next couple of weeks, but there’s a big announcement making its way around. We’re expecting bébé #2! I’ll have a number of new posts to talk about pregnancy number two, and I think it’ll be a good opportunity for any readers interested in learning about pregnancy to compare how different (or similar) my two pregnancies will be/have been. This pregnancy is already pretty different, but I’m planning on writing a kick-off post to get baby #2’s info started. In the mean time, I have two posts to publish before that kick off gets started. So look for more frequent updates here now that little miss is getting more independent and surprise! we’ve got a second on the way.

Everybody keep your fingers crossed for a boy! ^.^

Coming soon!

I had a baby! Although I don’t plan on posting public photos of my child on this blog, I do hope to circulate a single snap shot in a slightly more controlled environment on Facebook. I’m working on writing a blog (or a few) about my personal labor and delivery process, but it’ll take some concentration and time which is harder to come by these days.

Know that mom and baby are well and that you’ll have more to read from me soon.

I’ll continue writing this blog as I learn about parenting. Plus my husband, Joel, keeps poking my (deflated) belly asking, “do you want another one? Huh? Do ya? Do ya?” so who knows where we’ll be in a year. Personally, I plan on waiting until my cracked rib is healed, at least.

Organization and Priorities

I wanted to share how I, personally, stay organized. This will apply to any lifestyle and isn’t exclusive to being pregnant. I’ve started helping my mom get onto the same system and she really likes it. My mom used to live a very impulsive lifestyle (she raised three kids while going through nursing school and holding down a full time career, who can blame her?) but since she was diagnosed with MS living impulsively has been less and less practical.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and re-organizing your life or you’re already organized and just looking for some quick tips, this post is for you. If you have any additional organizational pointers, feel free to leave some comments. ^.^

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Epidural Oops

So I’m in the process of writing a post regarding epidurals and why I don’t want one, but I did the really dumb internet no-no and used wikipedia as my primary source of information and shock of shocks by today the website has been dramatically edited. I’m glad I waited to put in my hyperlinks else you guys woulda thought I was nuts.
But I really think the information here is super importantè. So I’m taking the extra day to use some real medical sites to do some solid research that won’t blow away two days later.

In the meantime, enjoy this overly charismatic drummer.

Know Before You Go: Choosing an OB

I say “choosing an OB,” but this could easily be applied to choosing any new practice/new doctor to attend. There’s plenty of literature on the interwebs of what you should do prior to your appointment, but I’ve found very little about choosing practice A over practice B. So call this the “shit list” of shit-to-know-before-you-make-an-appointment-with-the-wrong-doctor.

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The List of Don’ts and My Accutane Aversion

When you become pregnant, there’s a really long list of stuff you shouldn’t do, and a much longer list of stuff a lot of people think you shouldn’t do even though evidence is shaky.

In some cases the reason the evidence is shaky is because no sane pregnant woman wants to enter a 14 week study in which the primary goal is to find out if factor “x” causes miscarriage. Especially if that 14 week study involves riding a roller coaster for 8 hours a day or something similarly uncomfortable.

There are some things where studies have been done, but the evidence is inconclusive because doing certain things while pregnant suggests other harmful lifestyle factors.

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