Week 20 Wrap-Up

So I’m halfway there! Pay no attention to the fact that the first four weeks don’t count! I’m halfway there gosh darn it! Don’t rain on my parade.

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Week 19 Wrap-Up

This week in pregnancy:

Halle Berry is pregnant again at age 46. “Biggest surprise of my life!” I wish her and her baby health and wellness.

This Turkish woman will find out if she’s pregnant following a womb transplant in 2011. I hope it goes well with her, especially since the media will be hounding this story making a non-pregnancy all the more painful.

Molly Sims gained 72 lbs. during her pregnancy and was so ashamed she didn’t leave her home. Thank you medecine and cookie-cutter expectations for hearding women into worrying about their weight during a time that is supposed to be joyous and focused on the health of the baby. I even feel bad for Kim Kardashian and all the flack she’s getting. That’s saying something.

And in case you’re living under a rock, Cinderella, err, Kate Middleton, is pregnant. *waves british flag with mock gusto*

Hmm? What’s that you say? Oh, my pregnancy? Yes, well, let’s get to it.

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Week 18 Wrap-Up

This week I had some fun with an unexpected trip to the doctor’s office. I figured I hadn’t made these wrap-ups quite exciting enough and needed to spice them up. I also “first-time-mom” panicked about really liquid, watery discharge. When you call the O.B. to panic about something, they should have a giant visual indicator on your file to mark that you’re a first time mom. That way they know that you’ll probably panic over nothing or just be all-around ditzy and uninformed.


This post involves discussing poop and constipation. If that makes you super uncomfortable feel free to skip it. It makes me pretty uncomfortable too.

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Why I Don’t Want an Epidural

During labor and delivery many women find that using an epidural as an anesthetic is very beneficial. I didn’t much care for the idea of epidurals when I began considering raising a family a few years ago, but I wanted to be super thorough about this post and not just give you my opinions. So I did my research.

And that’s where I derp’d. I used wikipedia as my primary source. I know. I know. So lo and behold when I was editing and looking to add my hyperlinks the next day the entire page had changed. Layout, information, statistics. Kiss that epidural post goodbye. But yay, I did prevail f’ur yee my faithful readers!!!

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Know Before You Go: Choosing an OB

I say “choosing an OB,” but this could easily be applied to choosing any new practice/new doctor to attend. There’s plenty of literature on the interwebs of what you should do prior to your appointment, but I’ve found very little about choosing practice A over practice B. So call this the “shit list” of shit-to-know-before-you-make-an-appointment-with-the-wrong-doctor.

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Horror at the OB

One of the first things I did following the positive blood test result was to find an OB to make an appointment. I contacted the GYN department of my primary physician’s practice only to find they no longer practice OB. Woe was I. Next I hit the internet to find a capable OB local to where hubby and I are moving, which isn’t too far from where we’re living right now.

I found a doctor that looked really good on paper. Years of experience, good degrees, works in what appeared to be a lovely practice with lovely ladies. Scheduling an appointment was easy and I was asked to arrive a half hour early because I was a new patient. The receptionists were kind over the phone, and I was looking forward to the appointment, though obviously nervous. And for good reason. Continue reading