Sex During Pregnancy

I started writing a blog a while ago called the married minx that talked about having sex, what gravity it holds, how great it was to wait until I married my husband, and more practical stuff. I haven’t written a new post there for well over a year. That being said, I firmly believe it’s important to talk openly about sex and if you’re squeamish about reading about sex, then that blog and this post probably aren’t for you.

If, however, you are curious about safety in sex while you’re pregnant and what the benefits can be, read on by clicking that lovely little read more button thing. I promise it’ll be clean and you won’t walk away wishing you could shower or erase your memory. Continue reading

How I Got To Be Pregnant

Don’t worry, this post is devoid from all the steamy details you can read in your Danielle Steele novella.

I decided when I was young that I’d like to raise children of my own one day, but for me it has always been a “one day” deal. I knew I would probably never wake up and say “today is the day to make babies!” So the good Lord and I had a talk during which I told him I’d probably never say I was “ready” for kids, but that I wanted them for sure so whenever he thought was good would be okay for me too. I also slipped in a note that I’d really love to have twin boys.

That night my husband and I did what married people do. We watched a movie. And then did even more “married-people” things.

And lo and behold two days later my period, a day late already, told me sorry it was late but that it got called away suddenly and sorry that I had some cramps and super-tender boobs. A week later I confirmed via home test that I was for sure pregnant and then a few weeks following that a blood test double confirmed that I was indeed knocked-up.  Continue reading