On Migraines

I actually couldn’t remember what my migraine history during pregnancy looked like, so I used this handy dandy blog to look it up. Score one for this blog’s first practical result of “worth it”.

Since I gave birth just shy of nine months ago I’ve had my hands quite full with the wee one (as evident from my complete lack of blogs posted here). I also have not menstruated in that time. This past week I had my first period in a year and a half and it was weird! I do that all the time? ugh. Why?

Upon coming back onto my menstrual cycle I’ve noticed two key things. First, I never noticed how much of an effort I had to make ot keep my emotions in check during my period. It was just something I grew into. Now I’m having to re-learn many of those habits which keep me from going psycho during preMC to postMC transition. MC here standing for menstrual cycle.

Second, my migraines are awful and I don’t know why I never had them professionally checked out before. Well, I do know. I planned on having them checked out in 2013, which is why I signed up for health insurance. But then I found out I was pregnant and onto the back burner it went. I did see a neurologist during my pregnancy, and she was rather knowledgeable. She was also spread too thin, didn’t spend much time with me during my appointments, and made me wait hours to see her. Not that you’d walk out of the waiting room, it was so hard to get appointments scheduled with her.

Of course, now I have a child and ain’t nobody got time for that. I can’t wait at the office for two hours while you see patients that piled up through the morning because you don’t have a secretary to make Rx refill calls for you. I digress.

So here’s my log of returned migraines primarily for my benefit, sorry dear reader. Rest assured there are a number of blogs I’ve been cooking while I have a few minutes of breathing time and though I cant promise any solid release dates, I can assure you, my dear reader, that they’ll be coming even if it’s not terribly soon.


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