Week 36 Wrap-Up

This week in pregnancy: mild insomnia, discomfort, stretches, and a head cold! We girls just wanna have fun, you know.

And a smashing time was had by all.

Ah yes, insomnia, my old nemesis. Still worse when I have caffeine, I’m now dramatically limiting my intake, which seems to be helping. However, caffeine is the quickest remedy for my recurring migraines. I also really enjoy Coke Slurpees. >.>

Luckily, recent bouts of insomnia have been inconsistent and manageable. If I keep a semi-regular sleep schedule and avoid food and drink before bed, then it’s no problem. I started taking Prilosec for heartburn, but I did cough up bile one night. I have no idea what caused it, since I had had an early, bland dinner. *le shrug*

Discomfort has also been a sleep factor, but it’s more of a problem during the day. My belly support band only helps when I’m consistently upright. If I’m bending or sitting, it’s pretty useless and even counter-productive. But if I’m walking around at the grocery store or mall, then it’s great and makes a huge difference.

The discomfort is best described in two ways. First, my stomach is so large that it rests on my legs when I’m sitting. This can make my bladder feel pinched and uncomfortable. It also makes bending double a distant dream; there’s just too much in the way. Second, I feel a lateral stretching discomfort because (oh happy day!) the baby is sitting sideways.

It’s kinda like this.

The technical term for this is a “transverse position” and it looks a lot like the photo above, except that she’s half transverse, half breech. Her head is up near my ribs, her rump is on the opposite side of my belly, and her feet somehow manage to kick my bladder. Surprisingly, I could not find a picture that quite depicts my acrobatic kid. I envision it like John Cleese doing a silly walk in my womb:

Unfortunately we caught this whole “sitting wrong” thing late (or she suddenly decided to turn rightside up), so while I’m doing plenty of awkward stretches to coax her into turning, we’re also discussing something called a version with a doctor this coming week. It’s a fancy medical way of saying “jostling, pushing, and punching your stomach to try to get that gosh darn kid to face the right way.” There are some risks involved, and should we schedule a version we’ll also be scheduling a c-section in case it doesn’t work. The idea of a c-section is not a high anxiety ticket for me. There are two doctors in this practice who are very skilled at the procedure and I’ve definitely hit the if-you-have-to-cut-her-out-go-for-it stage. My biggest concern is how it will effect subsequent births, increasing risks of being induced and such. But that’s a long way off and I won’t let it get under my skin. I will update next week once we’ve talked to the doctor and set some things in stone.

Earlier this week I woke up with a head cold. It murdered what little energy I had left, and for a few days it was all I could do just to get up, eat, clean the kitchen, and then nap until Joel got home. I usually just sleep off colds, but this cold took so long to kick that much of the sleep was restless and futile. It has taken a full week to recover, and I finally have enough energy to get through a day upright. Still, I was surprised at just how much more energy the cold sapped from me, because I was already feeling fatigued daily.

Third trimester fatigue is very different from first trimester fatigue. It doesn’t make you want to curl up in bed and forsake the world, it rather makes you frustrated that you can’t do more. The only thing that will quell the feeling is laying down, but you’re so restless and uncomfortable that reclining is the last thing you want to do. You want to go shopping, clean, or accomplish something, but shortly after starting a task, you realize you’re just plain pooped and could use a nap and a few hours of Netflix.

You can push through the task and sleep a little longer to recover, or you can call it quits and finish it later. I like to push through, even if it means I have to spend the following day on my rump. Normally I could plan an appropriate amount of tasks for the day, but fatigue in the third has been unpredictable. Even if I did find a rhythm to fall into, the third trimester feels so short that it wouldn’t make much of a difference.


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