Week 34 Wrap-Up

This week in pregnancy I went through puberty, or something like it.

Thank you horrified teen for expressing my thoughts exactly. 

All of the sudden, I had super oily skin, like nasty high-school-style oily skin. I started using oxy pads daily, which just dried out my skin and caused more oil (I’ve completely forgotten all my teenaged remedies, somehow). My hair also became oily at an accelerated rate. All of this led to more frequent showers, a shampoo swap which helped a lot, and some alterations in facial care products as well. It’s been the ongoing trick to keep my face feeling clean, but not dry. Sometimes I really gum it up and it feels oily and dry at the same time. Figure that one out.

I also got hit hard with gas even though my diet hasn’t changed. I have no idea why, unless it has something to do with the baby’s position. She’s pretty squirmy; it may be easy enough for her to kick a foot at the wrong organ and voila, momma’s got gas.

I have difficulty urinating if the baby is sitting low. I actually have to lift her up and dig a few fingers between my stomach and bladder, something I never thought I’d need to do. Of course, when she’s sitting in an awkward position that makes it difficult to pee, chances are she’s also pressing on my bladder, meaning I need to go frequently. Oh what fun.

I also took my mom to the hospital for a scheduled surgery, and was surprised with how quickly I became fatigued just from sitting in an uncomfortable hospital chair. I slept most of the next day (not a good idea, though I wouldn’t have said so at the time). When you start to slow down near the end of your term, take it easy (now I just need to follow my own advice).


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