Week 31 Wrap-Up

During week 31 I realized my third trimester had kicked it into high gear, so to speak. Up to this point, most changes had come on slow and I gradually adjusted. But there’s a lot of discomfort to be had in the third trimester due to the size of the baby alone, and I believe that makes coping with any new changes all the more difficult.

Week 31 marked the return of my nausea. I originally thought the nausea might be due to a bug circulating at work, but it came and went over a couple of weeks, so I figure it’s here to stay. It’s similar to first trimester nausea; if I have something small in my stomach at all times, then it goes away entirely. Reading some Google searches informed me that it’s pretty common for women to have nausea in their third trimester due to the buildup of all the pregnancy hormones. In addition to constant snacks, I find that fizzy drinks like sparkling cider help a lot. Ginger ale is commonly recommended, but ginger can trip my gag reflex, so I try to avoid it. Soda water would also be good, but I’ve never liked to drink it.

I’ve started to notice just how big the baby’s gotten and how uncomfortable it makes us. At some point she decided to lay primarily head down, but she still likes to stretch up into my ribs and roll somersaults. Her neck must get stiff too because I can feel her jerk her head into my bladder and occasionally my other lady parts. I think we’re both getting a little sick of the constrained space as neither one of us stays still very long.

Heartburn has increased with a vengeance. I hit a point where it started bothering me so badly that I was waking up every few hours at night to take Tums. Being concerned that I was exceeding the maximum dosage, I asked my CNM. She said to take something other than Tums. Derp. So I supplemented with Prilosec and I only use Tums if I need immediate relief now. I was shocked how much Prilosec helped and now I feel really silly that I waited so long to add another medicine. I’ve always avoided unnecessary medication, and so I hesitated to address this for a time, during which my stomach suffered.

The last two things go hand in hand. I’ve been much more fatigued lately, especially in the heat. Any day over 83 degrees Fahrenheit in which I spend a few hours running errands renders me entirely useless for the rest of the day. For that reason I’ve needed to plan my errands more efficiently, and sometimes I postpone them to the weekend so hubby can help. Due to increased fatigue coupled with the ever-increasing list of things I want to accomplish, I’ve gotten very restless. Sometimes this is more of a mental restlessness that renders my thought process slow and foggy. Other times it’s more of a physical restlessness. I also had a really sudden, severe leg cramp one night to which I attribute the restlessness. I normally just get jumpy legs, but this particular night it felt like someone had tied a knot in my leg muscles and was mercilessly twisting it tighter. I had to cover the leg with a blanket, rub it against my husband to warm it, and then massage the muscles myself. I was really shocked how suddenly it came and went.

That does it for week 31. I’m giving myself until week 37 when babies aren’t automatically fast-tracked to the NICU and then we’ll start trying to get this labor started. Teas, walks, swimming, sign me up.


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