Week 30 Wrap-Up

Week 30 was another one of those transitional, uneventful weeks. I only took note of two things during the week.

First: I was experiencing round ligament pain more sharply and more regularly.

This is not the face of a woman in labor. That face is a round ligament pain face.

It would hit me when I would normally just feel stiff, like when you stand suddenly after sitting for a long time, or when you roll over in bed after being on one side too long. It sometimes gets very sharp and sudden enough that I gasp out of surprise, not because of the pain. The pain will likely last until I can achieve a comfortable position, like on my side with a long pillow between my knees and under my tummy. Body pillows are a life saver during pregnancy.

Second: Bathroom trips are becoming more urgent (not more frequent). As baby grows, there isn’t much room to “hold it” anymore, regardless of the nature of the impending bathroom trip. I’ve found that going to the bathroom as soon as the need arises is increasingly important, especially if you’re in good company and laughing frequently.

Also around this time it’s pretty inevitable that your bump is obvious. This means that complete strangers will smile and sigh at you, interact with you, give you random advice, or just gab about their own personal experiences in the world of babies. Depending on your current hormonal state and the stranger at hand, these exchanges can range from pleasant to obnoxious.

I haven’t had any really terrible interactions with people (I like to think this is because I give off that keep-your-distance vibe), but I have had a few positive experiences where people have been really courteous and friendly. I’ve found the most enjoyable interactions are with other pregnant women who are really excited that they’re pregnant. You know that they understand what you’re going through better than most and you can joke about things like vomiting up stomach acid and wondering if you’ll see your toes again. It’s an absolute riot, I tell you.


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