Week 29 Wrap-Up

I didn’t take many notes on week 29, thus the short post. Short term memory deteriorates as pregnancy progresses, so it’s good to get into a habit of writing things down. That way, when you can’t remember a conversation you had an hour ago, you will have been in the habit of notating the important stuff. I personally categorize these things under two phone apps, a to-do list and a shopping list. At work I leave myself notes because I’m not allowed to have my phone on me. Find a practical reminder system early on so you’re not forgetting to pay your bills by month nine.

This week was really busy for me (hence the lack of note-taking; I just didn’t make it a priority). Prioritization is crucial during pregnancy, especially with baby number one. You suddenly have a ton of new information to learn as well as a mountain of additional tasks to complete within restrictive time-frames. Setting daily and weekly tasks helps to accomplish things that may otherwise be ignored. The most important reason for prioritizing tasks is to limit yourself to what is absolutely necessary. The third trimester has slowed me down more than I like and I find myself pushing more and more tasks into the next day or week. I hate procrastinating;  it’s a habit I can slip into rather easily. If I maintain daily task requirements, then I know that I’m not being lazy, nor am I overworked.

I had a follow-up appointment with my migraine specialist this week. The vitamin cocktail I now take every morning and evening is helping to decrease the frequency and severity of the migraines, but she warned me that migraines are likely to increase during the third trimester. Since the appointment I’ve noticed this is true, particularly when I forget to take my vitamins. Whereas in the second trimester I was having a migraine about twice a month, I am now having them weekly. She believes the hormonal shifts which begin to take place pre-birth are a culprit of increased third trimester migraines. I believe the bizarre pressure systems which have been dancing over Maryland are also to blame. Either way, some extra-strength Tylenol and a little caffeine scares them away pretty consistently.

That’s all I had down for this week, so here’s some groovy music and dancing to get your day going.


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