Weeks 26 and 27 Wrap-Up

In the past two weeks we’ve closed on our condo, moved, and have just now gotten internet installed. The past two weeks went by in a flash.

If I don’t write things down to blog about I forget them almost instantly. So here’s the grab bag of what I can remember.

Beating the heat in a summer pregnancy is difficult but necessary. Early in my pregnancy there was some concern that my dizzy spells had been caused by a cooling problem at work. It turned out for me that migraines were the culprit. Though overheating wasn’t the case in that situation, it can cause dizziness and other serious symptoms to note. Like most other problems you could encounter regularly, overheating is compounded by the fact that you’re pregnant.

The number one thing to remember during pregnancy is to stay hydrated constantly. Your OB will probably beat you over the head about hydration, and every specialist you see for anything will ask whether you’re staying hydrated. The obvious answer is yes (because who wants a lecture on hydration?) but you should really make an effort to ensure you’re getting enough water. Baby Center‘s experts recommend drinking 64oz. per day, or 8 8oz. glasses, plus one 8oz. glass per hour of activity. But what if I hate plain ol’ water? Then drink something healthy that isn’t water. Milk is my go-to drink when I’m sick of water, and we always have limes and lemons on hand for lightly flavored water. Juice can be good, but remember that it’s full of sugar so if anyone in your family history has diabetes, your OB might tell you to stay away from juice as much as possible. Sodas can hydrate you too, but they’re full of sugar and caffeine as well.

If you’re going outside in the heat I would personally recommend doubling your water intake while in the sun. I’ve come to find that even walking to/from my car in 90 degree weather can make me sweat up a real storm whereas I could handle the heat pretty well in years past. With that doubling of water comes a double need for a toilet, so if you’re camping plan on frequent stops, if you’re going to the beach, plan on “using the waves” regularly, and if you’re attending some sort of outdoor event where the bathrooms aren’t apparent, ask to make sure they’re not miles away. At that point I’d search for a nearby thicket.

I have been getting sunburned very easily.

I haven’t been able to find any scientific research which solidly supports easier sunburn during pregnancy and I’ve only found a few blogs that discuss easy sunburn during pregnancy, which surprises me. I spent a half day out in the (not terribly hot) sun about a month ago, and half of that time was in the shade. I never applied sunscreen because the day was cool, the sun felt lovely, and there were plenty of big fluffy clouds blocking the sun. When I got home I was shocked to notice that I was pink all over my arms and chest, and even some on the back of my neck.

The only thing I’ve read that explains any of this is one corner-of-the-internet blog that I haven’t been able to re-find (I hope they’ll forgive me) which suggested that perhaps because the pigment during pregnancy can alter (causing things like “pregnancy mask” and linea negra) that this alteration in pigment combined with fluctuations in hormones could cause the skin to burn easily. Le Shrug. I do not know.

Baby moves plenty. In fact, sometimes the baby moves so suddenly and so violently that it jostles my entire stomach. It also likes to snuggle up in my right ribcage. Unfortunately this also means my ribs are prime kicking-grounds. I’m fairly certain my ribs have minor bruising at this point. Nothing cracked yet (thank God), but I’m suspicious that we’ll have some cracks before the pregnancy is through. Hoping not.

Sometimes baby makes you panic.

At every OB appointment in your second trimester the caregiver will ask about baby movement. Every appointment. They tell you to pay attention to baby’s movements and if the strength or regularity of the movements alter dramatically, let them know. It’s hard to ignore your baby’s movements and some women even document every movement. But sometimes baby just doesn’t get really squirmy for a long time. You can often tell that baby has changed position by different pressures in your system, on your bladder, on your stomach, on your diaphragm, ribs, etc. But if it doesn’t really kick when it moves, what’s a gal to do?

My baby had a kick-free day during which I could tell it had moved (oh my bladder is suddenly full again after just using the restroom, hmm now I have aching ribs, hello suddenly full and having terrible indigestion), but I was really concerned that I should call my OB. This was, of course, on a saturday night at which point I could only contact the OB on-call, which is really only for emergencies. This was following a night when I’d woken up sleeping on my stomach (the horror!) and this particular position was extremely uncomfortable for me, and probably for baby as well, as it was probably at least partially under the bulk of my weight. So as I’m laying down to bed I have a quick chat with my husband regarding my concerns and say I’ll probably wait till morning to call since baby is usually most active kicking and squirming at night. Moments after I make this determination, baby starts kicking up a storm. Thanks, kid.

Oh yeah, and I can’t remember squat. Really. Nothing. I’m pretty sure I sat down at this computer to do something other than write a blog. And I’m writing it in a single pass because if I don’t I know I won’t remember to come back to it. A friend shared that during his wife’s pregnancy she would sit down at the computer to write a specific email, open her email in browser, scan her inbox, see that there wasn’t anything new or vital, get up, and walk away. At this point he of course reminded her of the email she had intended to send, but apparently she went through this same loop three times. I told him I was impressed she even opened the email in her browser. I usually get stuck on pinterest.

Last, I’ve found that getting fatigued during pregnancy usually leaves me feeling quite restless. Personally I’m quite confident this has everything to do with my can’t-sit-still personality and not as much to do with being pregnant. But I’ve been countering with some form of relaxation: warm or cool baths, lotion, the back massager that I recently got, or even a quick nap if possible. If I’m out and about I haven’t really found anything to subdue that restless feeling. Deep breathing and a comfortable sitting position can help, but not for long.

All-in-all pregnancy is going really well. I haven’t had any catastrophic problems and I’m now officially in my third trimester. Knowing that is a little daunting, especially since all my visits are going to suddenly switch from talking about diet, hydration, and blood tests to planning for labor and delivery  I feel like there isn’t too much “planning” to be done. I think “go to a place where they do this regularly” is a pretty good plan. And while I’m working on a birth plan (post coming soon) I’m totally aware that it can all be thrown right out the window. But that’s kinda how pregnancy goes: you do your best to be healthy and prepared and when that doesn’t work, you roll with the punch and adjust.


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