Week 23 Wrap-Up

I have been terribly behind on my weekly wrap-up posts. (But of course you know that). My husband and I are in the process of closing on a condo, which has been eating all of my spare time. Great preparation for motherhood when I’ll laugh at all the time I used to have. I’ll be writing a few separate wrap-up posts to catch up because I found I had a lot to say about week 24.

This week in pregnancy I had really bizarre dreams, more so than earlier in pregnancy. One particular dream even developed into something like a nightmare. Luckily at some point my brain developed a fail safe for nightmares and when they start my mind says with a clear voice, “this is not real. I’m having a nightmare. I want to wake up.” And I do. I know some women have terrible nightmares during pregnancy and I’m glad I haven’t had that problem yet. The nightmare was, of course, related to labor, which is fitting since we tend to fear the unknown. If you are pregnant and find yourself having nightmares, please talk to your doctor. There are a number of solutions to work with for all kinds of sleep ailments and this is a stage in your life when rest is very important.

I’ve been having a pain under my right rib that comes and goes. It’s apparently a really common pain associated with the uterus compacting the diaphragm. At worst the pain just makes me a little short of breath and I have to lie down. I’ve been increasing my physical activity recently too, because…

I’ve started physical therapy! I was having a constant pain in my right hip that was dull, paired by a sudden severe pain that was coupled by a loss of balance. Turns out my hip has been sliding out of alignment. Doesn’t that sound fun? So I’ve started at a physical therapist my OB recommended and it’s going well. The physical therapist specializes in women’s health and they frequently help pregnant women. At my appointments the PT works on tight muscles that have been overcompensating for my askew hip. At home I do stretches and exercises. After that first appointment I walked out with no hip pain! I hadn’t realized how constant it was until it wasn’t there. It still creeps up in between appointments, but it’s considerably lessened which is helping other things, like posture. All that being said, this is really just a temporary fix for a problem that will need to be addressed post-pregnancy with X-rays and possibly MRIs, both of which are best to avoid during pregnancy unless your doctor deems it absolutely necessary.

Because all of this pain is being relieved and because I now need to do regular exercises for PT, I’ve been slipping back into my exercise routine. I’d slipped out due to time constraints, overall busyness, and (I didn’t realize till later) also due to the hip pain. There are yoga positions required for my PT exercises that have gotten me back into yoga again. I also found a ten minute prenatal workout which means I can’t use the no time excuse anymore.

That about wraps up week 23. Stay tuned for week 24 which will be posted shortly!


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