Week 20 Wrap-Up

So I’m halfway there! Pay no attention to the fact that the first four weeks don’t count! I’m halfway there gosh darn it! Don’t rain on my parade.

So this week I’ve been realizing just how big the baby and the space containing baby has gotten. I realized this would happen, but it’s quite different when it starts happening to you. I mean, I can poke myself a good few inches above my belly button and there’s uterus there. Weird.

I had something bizarre happen this past week at the ultrasound(s). I had two a week apart because they weren’t satisfied with how much fluid was in baby’s stomach at the first one. Needless to say everything was fine. But because it was such a long ultrasound the tech emptied almost an entire bottle of US jelly on my stomach. It was nice and warm when it came out (my bladder thanks you), but then it got cold as the ultra sound went on. And oddly, she kept going over my belly button. I’ve had everyone tell me I have a weird belly button my entire life. but I didn’t start noticing until I had to dig goopy ultrasound gel out of it. And what do you know? The gel had really irritated my belly button. Not my external skin, but the skin going into my belly button. Strange. So I cleaned it out and put some antibiotic ointment on that sucker. Fixed it right as rain.

I’m slowly turning more and more onto my side to sleep. This is difficult in a twin bed, but we should be moving within the month, so huzzah to that! We’re also buying a king sized bed when we move. (!!!) We need a guest bed, so we’ll shuffle our queen mattress there with a lovely new pillow top and fresh sheets and buy ourselves a kiiiing. We had a king bed shortly after being married and it was HUGE. We’re the married couple that has to sleep with some limb touching at all times and sometimes I would roll over in the night panicking because I couldn’t find my husband. He was still there, of course, just on the other side of the bed. So there will be plenty of space to be had in bed. And that’ll mean plenty of space for the little bassinet for baby too, if baby has sleep anxiety at all.

I am strong, invincible woman! Or at least I like to think so. Pregnancy has given me sweeping confidence-swings of fragility and then an Iron-Maiden like demeanor.  Sometimes I feel absolutely vulnerable, sometimes I feel like I could conquer the world. I’ve never been one to slow down, so when I find something I can’t do I’m a little surprised. Like I can’t use my whole body to lift things anymore. I have to be very careful not to twist and turn suddenly so that I don’t give myself an injury. Thank-you relaxin! But everything I can still do, I insist on doing. I really tucker myself out sometimes but so long as it’s a satisfied tuckering and not a “must-sit-on-couch-for-eternity” tuckering, I don’t worry.

I also had a dizzy spell this week. Like super dizzy almost passing out spell. I called, then went into my OB. I think it’s the shortest I’ve ever waited in that waiting room. After a few basic vitals and a discussion with my CNM, we came to the conclusion it’s probably the same blood sugar issue I had in high school, come back to bite again. It’s always been a problem I’ve had under times of high stress, and although I don’t feel stressed right now, I suppose there are plenty of stressors on my body alone. We’re checking into other possibilities to be sure, but at least it’s a familiar enemy I understand battling.

That about wraps up week 20. What’s new with you guys?


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