Week 19 Wrap-Up

This week in pregnancy:

Halle Berry is pregnant again at age 46. “Biggest surprise of my life!” I wish her and her baby health and wellness.

This Turkish woman will find out if she’s pregnant following a womb transplant in 2011. I hope it goes well with her, especially since the media will be hounding this story making a non-pregnancy all the more painful.

Molly Sims gained 72 lbs. during her pregnancy and was so ashamed she didn’t leave her home. Thank you medecine and cookie-cutter expectations for hearding women into worrying about their weight during a time that is supposed to be joyous and focused on the health of the baby. I even feel bad for Kim Kardashian and all the flack she’s getting. That’s saying something.

And in case you’re living under a rock, Cinderella, err, Kate Middleton, is pregnant. *waves british flag with mock gusto*

Hmm? What’s that you say? Oh, my pregnancy? Yes, well, let’s get to it.

This week we found out the gender. Let the nail biting begin. 

Thing is, we don’t plan on announcing the gender of the baby until the baby shower. We’ve been dropped a hint from a co-worker with three kids that if you don’t reveal the gender of the baby prior to the shower your gifts will be practical and thoughtful rather than 101 blue or pink onesies. I’m not sure whether it’s true, but it’d be nice to recieve something for the kid to sleep in. Since this is baby #1 for us and grand-baby #1 for both sides of the family, we’re trying to maintain focus on baby’s needs and not just the usual OH-MY-GOD-BABY! hype.

Registry will come soon, both online and in-store options. I’ll probably write another post on registry alone. I’m sure it’ll be an ordeal of one form or another.

So with learning baby’s gender came an ultrasound. That was the more important part. We verified our baby has not only all of its limbs, but also all of its fingers and toes. They’re also quite certain it’s human. (I’d been hoping for a velociraptor. Maybe next time). This ultrasound took a long time and challenged everything I’ve been taught by my pregnancy books regarding “don’t wait to use the bathroom.” I was a little disappointed at how quickly the tech breezed by the gender. She just kinda hovered for a second, asked if we wanted to know, told us, and moved on. No picture print-out, nothing. Just oh it’s a blah, now let’s get on to the good stuff! *sigh* I’ll be having a followup US this friday to verify a few things they couldn’t see too well (baby was contented to be rather difficult). During that ultrasound I’ll probably ask for gender confirmation just to get some photo evidence. That way I can whip it out during teenaged years and family functions. I mean, that’s what you do with ultrasounds after the baby years, right?

Let’s see. . . what else happened this week? Oh, that’s right, I gave myself one of those things I swore I was trying hard not to get: a hemorrhoid. It’s fading fast with a few quick Google searches for relief (use the bathroom whenever necessary, as soon as necessary and try using moist wipes instead of scratchy paper). I’ve been taking baby aspirin in order to help blood flow to the placenta (which they tell me is much improved), but since baby aspirin is a blood thinner that isn’t marketed as a blood thinner, it’s both helping swelling go down more quickly and taking longer for the ouchies to heal on the surface. Wild. I don’t know if it’ll go away entirely, especially since increased blood flow alone makes me predisposed to having one up until birth. I happened to get it while out and about and so far I can manage it on the go. We’ll see how that progresses.

That’s about all for this week. Welcome to week 20, where I can re-assure myself that I’m halfway there (even though I don’t feel like it at all).


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