Week 15 Wrap-Up

Week fifteen here and gone and a few new symptoms – some welcome, some not – to discuss.

Hellooooo heartburn!

Heartburn is like playing the floor is lava, but instead of the floor being lava it’s your throat. Oh, and you always lose. I manage mine by being smart about what and when to eat. I.e., avoid twenty tacos before bed.

No Insomnia. *whew* I’ve thus far dodged the insomnia bullet. I had terrible, terrible insomnia in high school and it’s pretty much exactly as Edward Norton via Chuck Palahniuk describes.

Forgetfulness is apparently a byproduct of pregnancy.

Who knew?

Evidently, a woman’s brain cell mass decreases slightly during pregnancy. Hence forgetfulness and clumsiness. Luckily the brain cells come back post-pregnancy. It’s also thought and that women carrying girls lose more brain cells during pregnancy than those carrying boys. I was concerned my slightly diminished brain power might be due to the re-introduction of gluten, but gluten or no, the brain stays slow. So pile on the muffins and the brain-stall drool.

My feet have started to swell a bit, making my tightest shoes far less comfortable to wear. During pregnancy your feet both swell and “spread,” usually causing women to go up a shoe size or so, which tends to remain post-pregnancy. Common speculation is that the force of gravity on all that extra weight plus extra liquid causes the swell and spread, but I haven’t seen any studies published on pregnant women’s feet. Then again, one of the first search results with google was this news story saying quite the opposite. Apparently someone is indeed researching pregnant women’s feet.

You should check your research, dearie. Oi.

Thanks, Yenta.

The boobs aren’t satisfied at their current size and insist on getting bigger. I went up a cup size my first week of pregnancy (that was the proverbial conception flag). I’m about an additional half cup right now, just enough to make t-shirts look nice and awkward. I recently read it’s possible for women to go up as many as three cup sizes during pregnancy, and then an additional cup size when milk arrives.

Milk Arrives!

(I really like that phrase. “When milk arrives.” It sounds like someone is throwing a Mardi Gras style parade in your boobs, which is far more pleasant to think of than that nagging achey pain.)

Last, I’ve been catching up on my research and I’ve been noticing a common misnomer that really irks me. Plenty of websites, books, and people who should know better use the phrase, “x in every y women” yada yada instead of “x in every y pregnancies.” This really bothers me because every single pregnancy is different, even multiple pregnancies from the same person. (Really just a pet peeve, nothing to be gained or lost by that info, but there it is. Silly writers.)

We’ve recently gotten good news regarding our living situation (perhaps we’ll be in an actual home a few months before baby gets here! ^.^) so that has me super excited and is quelling my anxiousness. I’ll be adding swimming to my prenatal routine so I’ll let you know how that goes if I get to it this week. Until the next wrap-up!


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