Week 14 Wrap-Up

I seem to have brought upon myself the inevitable “what will I write about”s that come with weekly updates. I find I’ve got less to write about in these posts weekly, but alas I’ll keep writing them if only to say “nothing new, but watch this video of a cat.” Luckily that’s not the case this week, but here’s a cat video anyway. 

This week I started prenatal yoga. I’ve only gone through the routine twice, but I find it’s just the right mix of challenging and relaxing. I found a list of good poses at baby med and just threw them together into a routine via my workout trainer app. You can access the online version here. Unfortunately you can’t see the full routine unless you have the app. I had some trouble with anxiety early on in pregnancy and every once in a while I feel chlostraphobic in my own skin due to the slowly swelling belly. I found that yoga helps me feel more at ease, well stretched, and a bit more like myself.

Energy! I’m gaining energy by the week, making me feel very restless and ready to move. I’ve been focusing on putting that energy into work or shopping or yoga, but I feel pretty restless at times. Of course that might just be some early spring fever coming on.

I’ve been searching for maternity clothes, particularly pants as plenty of t-shirts and empire waist things still fit me. I’ve found that shopping for maternity clothes is really hard since many retailers don’t carry maternity clothes, and those who do charge $20-$30 per item. This may not sound too bad for those of you who love to shop, but I’m a bargin hunter and I’m used to buying my clothing items for $2-$4 per piece at thrift stores and super clearance sales. I’ll be writing a full post on shopping for maternity wear, partly because I just want to vent and also because I have not found good resources to suggest where to buy maternity clothes for decent prices.

I’ve had much less sensitivity to gluten. It’s virtually gone. I’m not really sure if this is pregnancy related or if whatever internal damage was done by the whey protein reaction I had last year is finally healing up, but I’ve gotta tell you, I’m loving on the bread, noodles, and other things I probably should not be eating. I’m limiting myself to one glutenous meal a day and seeing how it goes. I haven’t had any lessened focus, abdominal pain, or digestion problems, which makes me happy as a clam.

Last but certainly not least I’ve had sinus congestion since pregnancy began, which was probably related to a cold and then the flu, but it’s here to stay which means I’ll be congested till d-day. It’s not unbearable and blowing my nose a few times a day seems to clear things up. I’ve also had a couple of nose bleeds early in term, but now they seem limited to the rare bloody kleenex.

Here’s a warning for all you gals looking to raise a family in the future: when you get pregnant, throw away (or don’t use during pregnancy) any underwear you own with any degree of blood stain. During pregnancy it’s common for your lady parts to excrete more mucus than average (or you could lose bladdar control) and finding what appears to be fresh blood during a bathroom trip can send you into a short-lived panic. Save yourself the trouble and just don’t use the same granny panties you slap on during your cycle. If you do make this mistake, please be sure to double check that what you’re seeing is an old stain brought to life by new moisture and not fresh blood. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy (no matter the quantity) always requires a call to your on-call caregiver.

That about does it for week fourteen.


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