Week 12 Wrap-Up

I wasn’t able to confirm I was pregnant until week 6 and didn’t inform the masses until the tail end of week 10, but I’d like to henceforth make a weekly wrap-up. I’d like to do this because I know I won’t remember well enough to tell my children (should I produce a girl who reproduces) and because if you’re like me you want to learn EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW about a thing before you dive in. Including and sometimes especially the personal opinions of people you care about, who align with your philosophies, or are just plain funny. So now that I’ve explained why I’m going to talk your ear off as if you’re constantly asking me “how does this make you feel?” let’s just dive in, shall we?

Today I’m thirteen weeks, so let’s wrap up week twelve. Here are a few fun things that have been going on:

In week twelve the baby is an intestine-growing-machine. It grows its intestines so fast they go right down the umbilical cord. Wild. It’s also got reflexes. Like a ninja.

I have to pee. A lot. Usually at least 3 times in the middle of the night on a good night. Really. I’m concerned I might just start sleep walking/peeing in the wrong places. 

I’ve gained about 20 lbs. since conception. According to the doctors who sit around and study statistics and numbers I’ve only got five more pounds I can gain pre-birth. hah. I’m quite sure most of this weight has been distributed between that water bean-bag that holds my baby safe and all the extra blood pumping through my system and now through system two.

I’ve developed one of those pregnancy heart murmurs. Apparently it’s pretty common for pregnant women to develop minor heart murmurs during pregnancy due to the extra fluid circulating. My primary care physician caught this before my blood work was run. Nothing to worry about, but one of those nuggets that I just think is wild and neat-o. The human body is a fascinating thing.

Nausea has near vanished. Unless I skip a meal. Then I’m so hungry I could hurl. I had some constant nausea during weeks 6, 7, and 8. But so long as I munched something constantly it stayed at bay.

I’ve been having lots of cravings, usually for things I’ve always liked, but never thought OH BOY I WANT THAT! Chocolate milkshakes are my new best friend. I could eat a steak daily and not tire of it. And sometimes I could just kill for a salad. I don’t know what good killing would do in order to get a salad. Unless it was a bacon salad. Hmm.

Speaking of cravings I’ve been seriously craving gluten foods. Like I almost cried (hello hormones) when I realized the other day that I could have a cheeseburger but not that deliciously toasted golden bun. Or a scone. Or muffins. I really, really want muffins. Chocolate chip muffins. I’m pretty sure it’ll be my first baking endeavor once we move.

And speaking of crying over burger buns I’ve only had two pregnancy cry-fests, mostly over nothing. It’s like when you watch a sappy chic flick and it’s not even sad but you cry anyway. Except that the chic flick is your life and you’re crying over cheeseburgers. I put those internet cats to shame.

Seeing as I’m coming into the second trimester fast, I’m not having much trouble with fatigue anymore. My first trimester I’ve wanted to be a hermit, but either I’m finally shifting into tri-two or I have spring fever. Either way energy is up and I can’t wait for cherry blossoms. ^.^

Annnd that about wraps up week twelve. Today starts week thirteen which means my offspring has FINGERPRINTS! How groovy.


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