How I Got To Be Pregnant

Don’t worry, this post is devoid from all the steamy details you can read in your Danielle Steele novella.

I decided when I was young that I’d like to raise children of my own one day, but for me it has always been a “one day” deal. I knew I would probably never wake up and say “today is the day to make babies!” So the good Lord and I had a talk during which I told him I’d probably never say I was “ready” for kids, but that I wanted them for sure so whenever he thought was good would be okay for me too. I also slipped in a note that I’d really love to have twin boys.

That night my husband and I did what married people do. We watched a movie. And then did even more “married-people” things.

And lo and behold two days later my period, a day late already, told me sorry it was late but that it got called away suddenly and sorry that I had some cramps and super-tender boobs. A week later I confirmed via home test that I was for sure pregnant and then a few weeks following that a blood test double confirmed that I was indeed knocked-up. 

At first I felt rushed, I was already 6 weeks pregnant when the home test confirmed it (because apparently the first date of your last period is the beginning of the first week of pregnancy). But now at 12 weeks I kinda wish it would rush on to trimester #2. Of course tomorrow I may feel like it’s all moving too fast again. Alas, welcome to pregnancy.

My first few weeks following the actual conception I had cramps like my entire uterus was being remodeled, I got really bloated (the way I do when I eat gluten foods I’m not supposed to), and oh my aching boobs. I went up a cup size in a week. After finally getting down a cup size by eating healthy and taking care of myself. Sigh.

I also had this nagging tickley nausea in the back of my throat. It made me not want to eat anything. And then when I didn’t eat anything, I felt nauseated in my stomach. My eventual conclusion was to carry gluten free pretzels with me everywhere and nibble on them constantly. This kept the nausea at bay. I went through a bag either every day or every other day. And by the time I had the doctor appointment to have my blood test, I’d gained all the weight I lost while I was eating right post-gluten. That’s between 20 and 30 lbs. This gal was not a happy camper. Also, according to lots of pregnancy opinionated people, that’s the max I should gain during pregnancy. hahaha. Ohh youuu.

I told my husband as soon as I was suspicious. I wanted to warn him that I’d probably be crabby and pretty much everything would be sensitive and apologize in advance. He was so jazzed I don’t think he really minded my occasional sour attitude and bizarre cravings followed by the need to take things home and wait till the nausea passed to eat.

We told our two best friends only for a few weeks until my blood work was verified and general health was assumed. During an outing with his father I ended up declining eating most of my meal and instead devouring a bowl of plain ice cream after a few nibbles helped settle my stomach. His father began rattling off various nausea medications I should try and after about five minutes of this I gave my husband the green light and he relayed our news to his father who responded with tears, congratulations, and musings about how I’d probably be constantly craving steak. After my blood work came back we informed my parents, his mother, and the following weekend pretty much every other family member, all conveniently located at my brother’s wedding.

My husband and I are currently waiting on some red tape paperwork in order to move into a condo we’re buying. We’re both pretty excited, but I think we’ll be fully excited once we have a home. The idea of having a child without a home is completely daunting. With luck we’ll be moving into our new abode late march.


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